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Show Spotlight: Heather Talks Hip-Hop

Hip Hop is much more than just a music genre for Heather Occhino.

"Heather Talks Hip Hop" is a talk show devoted to new music and anticipating release dates of it, personal reviews of music by hip-hop artists, trending events/news regarding the genre, and more.

The show was started as a way to talk about Hip Hop and its culture while gaining a great experience in radio talking about the genre. Heather would one day like to work professionally for either a corporate radio station or on a podcast, discussing hip-hop related content and interviewing artists.

Heather now has a guest on the show, and plans to potentially play snippets of hip hop during each episode for audiences to listen to.

Hop into this hip show, Heather Talks Hip Hop! Tune in on WDVL 89.5 from 7PM-8PM Fridays!


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