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Honoring Andrew Ernst

Last Fall the radio station lost a beloved member, Andrew Ernst. He was an ever present personality, always keeping people entertained and getting new members engaged. We all admired his stories, his jokes, but most of all, his ties. He was a deeply involved member of the station with several shows such as Back & Forth, Over The Rainbow, and Lovercall. To commemorate him and his dedication, we have made two additions to the station. Firstly, we have hung a memorial plaque beside the WDVL booth that was designed to emulate the poster he created for his show Back & Forth. The quote on the dedication plate is lyrics from the song "Fireworks" by Animal Collective, one of Andrew's favorite bands. We thought the lyrics were an accurate representation of his personality, and including them would be something he would appreciate.

We have also dedicated the Archives to Andrew, naming them "The Andrew Collective" in another reference to Animal Collective. We chose to name the Archives after him because of his vast knowledge and appreciation of music, from mainstream, to indie, to experimental. He spent countless hours listening to new music as part of his position as a Music Director's assistant, and certainly much more in his free time.

Andrew will also be added to the station's Honor Roll with it's newest class. Finally, last year we also produced a show in memorial of Andrew which can be listened to here. It is a compilation of several of his favorite songs with a few shared memories from members. Andrew worked hard to make the station a better place for everyone, and we hope to continue that legacy.


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