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FRS hosts another successful Rockin' the Commons

Barker Commons was filled with live music, dancing and students and community members looking to support a great cause.

On Saturday, Sept. 24, Fredonia Radio Systems hosted their annual Rockin' the Commons event to benefit Roswell Park Cancer Research.

The event featured seven live bands, including Much More Chill, Some Like it Hot, Capo II, Hal & Pals, Marquee Grand, BP & the Oil Spills and Johnny & the Man Kids.

In addition to the live music, Arly and Izzy's food truck was serving up Puerto Rican cuisine. A basket raffle with over 50 prizes was held right at the event.

Event-goers were also able to play games such as spin the wheel and music trivia to win prizes.

A ribbon table was held for people to write the name of someone they know who either survived or lost their battle with cancer on a colored ribbon. Each color represented a different type of cancer. The ribbons were put up on a string, and are currently hanging in the station.

CD and vinyl sales were also featured, attracting a large crowd to explore music.

The event was overall successful, with approximately $1,150 raised for Roswell Park.


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