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Have you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a DJ on air? Join Fredonia Radio Systems! With our alternative station, WCVF 88.9 FM and our top 40 station, WDVL 89.5, we provide you with the best opportunity to start your radio career. Not interested in DJ-ing? We provide numerous jobs from sports assistants to music director assistants, making you a part of the station's working team.


So what are you waiting for? Join Fredonia Radio Systems today!

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Meet the E-Board

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PXL_20230224_131830794~2 - Hunter J Halterman.jpg

General Manager

F4C74824-39A4-4F2C-9DA1-FA843CD6C439 - H

WCVF Director

me 2022 - Brian E Valencia.jpg

Chief Engineer

IMG_8974 - Chloe G Kowalyk.jpg

Station Manager


WDVL Director

848E6841-5078-4834-A137-A7E441A36AEF - Lee Pye.jpg

News Director

B254FF66-0FD1-41CD-8BE7-A14430481727 - Daniel Granados Molina.jpg

Business Manager

IMG_9546 - Yongjo Shin.jpg

Music Director

IMG_0841 - Justin Malinowski.jpg

Staff Rep

Special Ops


Sports Director


Prod Director


Chief Archivist


PR Director


sales Manager


sales Manager

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