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Kidnapping Mystery: Who Took the News Director?

Fredonia Radio Systems’ beloved New Director, Jackson DiCarlo, was kidnapped!

There just so happens to be footage of the exact moment Jackson was captured.

(Or should I say, when Jackson became a Jack-in-the-box?)

All e-board members (excluding Jackson) became suspects of the horrendous crime. Jackson is an undeniably handsome, tall, and clever fella, so everyone had a motive to capture the creative mastermind.

On April 16, all members of FRS, along with the general public, were invited to the William’s Center to engage in a campus-wide search for Jackson. Parched for in-person activity and desperately missing their news director, 12 teams (30 people) showed up to find Jackson.

After running around campus and engaging in activities and acquiring clues, the teams were able to determine Jackson had been locked in the archives. Levi, the General Manager of FRS, was the one who had committed the crime.

FRS members flocked to the archived to let Jack(son) out of the box and put Levi in chains.

The members who had unraveled the mystery first were rewarded royally.

All around, it was a very successful event and a grand time was had by all.


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