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Show Spotlight: Nerd Night

Do you need a spot to hear about the latest news in nerd culture? How about a listening source for your favorite Chiptunes, video game music, and more? Or maybe, a place to listen to an adventurous DnD campaign? Well, you’re in luck because every Monday from 8-11PM is NERD NIGHT, a 3 hour block that consists of three amazingly nerdy radio shows.

8 P.M: Nerdsphere with Liz Church-Peters is an hour long show where she talks about everything,and anything nerdy. She covers any topic from video games, comic books, horror films, and more!

9 P.M: Kabomb wtih Dan Salazar is another hour long show about video game music, and chiptunes aka 8-Bit Music. Dan has stemmed out and also plays music from animes, and electronic music.

10 P.M: Maximum Exploration is a DnD campaign where we follow the adventures of Nox, an 18 yr old Air Genasi prince who is also a ranger, Nim, a one armed 329 yr old Wood Elf Cleric and Dr.Squeen, a Half Elf Fighter, the only good person in the party as they fulfill a quest for King Andrew. The players are Liz Church-Peters as Nox, Harper Horton as Nim, Dan as Dr. Squeen and Corey McCrea as the Dungeon Master. When Corey was asked what spurred this adventure, his response was, “Money spurred the adventure in the story, but what really spurred the adventure here in this room was a love of DnD. It is the common ground, that brought us all together.”

So tune into WCVF FM 88.9 on Mondays at 8PM to 11PM for NERD NIGHT. Maximum Exploration will also be streaming on WDVL.

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