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Show Spotlight: The Voice of Fred

Say hello to the people behind the amazing radio show, The Voice of Fred on WDVL 89.5! This show began 2 years ago and involves current music of any genre, as well as information about events on and off campus. The show got its name because it represents the voice of the many students here at Fredonia. The 5 students of The Voice of Fred are Nialani Pringle, Eann Robinson, Kelvin Muloz, Kiman Baldon, and Engel Figueroa.

Nialani Pringle, a sophomore Public Relations major, recently joined The Voice of Fred as a host. Nialani became interested in the radio station after trying out the TV station her first semester and realizing it wasn’t the right fit for her. “I have a family friend who used to work at Hot 97 who made radio seem really interesting and that’s when I started thinking about going into radio. I like to talk and I thought I would have a good voice for radio, so I came into my sophomore year wanting to get involved with the station. My first day in the station, Kiman basically just threw me into it and I loved it. When he and Eann told me they were looking for a new female host, I just felt like everything was falling into place. I love feeling involved and knowing about all the different groups on campus and what they all contribute to our community, and also engaging in amazing conversations with amazing people is always a plus. Everyone on the show has something different to contribute to it, which makes working on The Voice of Fred honestly one of my favorite parts of my Fridays. I am not yet involved in any other position within the station, but I do plan to get more involved.” Nialani is also a member of the Blackhorse Rugby team here at Fredonia.

Eann Robinson, a senior Music Industry major with a minor in Communications, is a host/executive producer for The Voice of Fred. “I got involved with The Voice of Fred as someone who was talking behind the scenes on snapchat, and then I saw what someone else was doing on the show and I thought, ‘I can do that as well!’ Something I love about the show is meeting new people, getting the chance to have conversations about important topics, and making people laugh at my jokes.” Eann is also the President of TSO, the Transfer Student Orientation.

Kelvin Muñoz, a Sports Management major, is the broadcast director and DJ/host for The Voice of Fred. “I just went with my friends True African Will and Ashley to the radio station and we said that we wanted to start a talk show. Fredonia lets you be creative in many ways, so we decided to just start our own radio show. It’s weird because I’m a sports management major and never saw myself even trying radio, but that’s how I got involved.” Kelvin has been involved with Fredonia Radio Systems for 2 and a half years. He also plays basketball for Fredonia and he is also a member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Tau-Psi Chapter.

Kiman Baldon, a senior Music Industry major, joined the radio station because he has always been interested in having a radio show and speaking out about things that people are afraid to talk about. “My favorite part about the show is the interesting conversations I get to have with the guests.” Kiman is a host/DJ/engineer for The Voice of Fred, as well as a WDVL Production Assistant in the station. Kiman is also the President of Brother 2 Brother, a club here on campus.

The last member of Voice of Fred is Engel Figueroa, a sophomore Sports Management major. Engel is currently interning for the radio show as a DJ. “I joined the show because I see it as a great opportunity to progress certain skills, one being communication. I love the radio station’s good vibes and the flow in which the information moves.” Engel is also involved with Kappa Sigma and the club baseball team on campus.

The Voice of Fred has guests on the show every week. If you are interested in listening to today’s music and discussions of current events, check them out on Fridays at 3pm on WDVL 89.5.

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