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Show Spotlight: Showtune Saturdays

Are you looking for a true musical theatre experience without having to get out of bed? If so, tune in to “Showtune Saturdays” from 10pm-12am on Saturday nights. Hosts, Melissa Zorer and Laurel Brennan explain, “We always play musical theatre songs. There’s a specific theme each week, whether it be a musical, an artist, or a time era of musical theatre.” This isn’t the first year Showtune Saturdays has appeared on WCVF. The hosts say, “We took over the show after Judy Muller, who started the show. We’re trying to continue it and pass it on because of our shared love for theatre. There’s no other radio show on this station that plays show tunes."

So, tune in to WCVF FM on Saturday nights to join Melissa and Laurel, and submerge yourself into the wonderfully entertaining world of musical theatre!

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