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RADIOHEAD: Back on the TOP 5 for a third week in a row, A Moon Shaped Pool is the ninth studio album by this English rock band and it’s the fifth Radiohead album to be nominated for the Mercury Prize. Patrick Ryan of USA Today wrote that “the brooding, symphonic and poignant A Moon Shaped Pool … was well worth the wait.”

THIS WILD LIFE: Returning to the TOP 5 for a second week is indie acoustic alternative rock duo, This Wild Life, and their second album, Low Tides. Hailing from Long Beach, California, Kevin Jordan, vocals and guitar, and Anthony Del Grosso, guitar, this duo is most well known in the pop punk scene and the Warped Tour circuit. According to Becky Kovach of Chorus.FM, “The band skyrocketed to popularity with their 2014 debut Clouded. The album is a hard act to follow; however, their latest effort, Low Tides, manages to avoid the dreaded sophomore slump with grace and finesse. The album is soothing, sincere, and expands on many of the qualities fans came to love on Clouded.”

BEAR HANDS: Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this American post-punk and indie rock band, consisting of Dylan Rau (vocals and guitar), Val Loper (bass), Ted Feldman (guitar), and TJ Orscher (drums), was formed in 2006, Signed with Cantora Records in 2010, You’ll Pay For This is their third studio album, which according to, contains a “mix of slick melodies and urgent post-punk.”

THE RAMONA FLOWERS: Ramona Flowers is the name of the lead girl with the supercharged, seven evil exes in the movie Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Her name has been adopted by today’s five-piece from Bristol. They are an indie rock band who use electronic elements, and have been compared to U2 and Radiohead. Part-Time Spies is their second studio album.

THE CHORDAES: This NYC band have just released their debut album, Touch the Ground. The group plays what they call “post-power pop"—a style that draws on classic rock and pop. According to Elmore Magazine, “A diverse array of sounds and ideas, inspired by the freewheeling experimentation of Radiohead and late period Beatles while retaining a strictly pop essence.”

Check back next week for more “Top Five”!

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