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Show Spotlight: Mixtape Monday

At 9pm on a Monday night, you can find Kris Harris, an Audio/Radio and Music Business senior, in the booth for his show, Mixtape Monday. “I call it Mixtape Monday because each week I try to create a solid mixtape for my listeners, and mixtapes were meant to be shared with people you care about.”, says Kris.

The tunes range from R&B and soul, to electronic and hip hop, and quite often, he will play plenty of unknown artists for you to discover. Each show has a different vibe or feeling to it, and the order of the songs purposefully flow together. This year, Kris has been bringing in different co hosts to help collaborate with the show, bringing different styles for his listeners. “I chose Mondays because it’s one of the harder days of the week and if people can go through the rest of the week with great new music to listen to, that just makes it all the better.”

You can tune into Mixtape Mondays on both WCVF and WDVL on Monday nights at 9!

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