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Show Spotlight: Captain Lola

Every Monday at 7:00 pm, Captain Lola’s boat leaves the dock to sail across the airwaves of WCVF. Most of us at the station know that Captain Lola is Lily Fischer’s alias, but what most of us don’t know is that she found the name on a radio show generator website. Lily explained “I was looking through some of the options and one of them included the name Lola, so I just added Captain to that.” Her show contains music from the 60’s to today. She just recently became a Music Director assistant where she reviews new music and chooses what she thinks sounds best. From this list of new music, she will choose certain songs to put on her show as well. “Every song I play, I love, and I want other people to hear it and enjoy it as much as I do.” says Fischer. I guess you could say her show is a work of love and you can hear it every Monday at 7:00 pm on WCVF 88.9 FM.

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