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Show Spotlight: Patrice Dolla’s Fire Hour

Invading your air waves with the hottest tunes in radio, Patrice Dolla’s Fire Hour is the new show that’s taking over. Join our intrepid host Patrice Dolla Signs as he plays music that’s sure to make you say “this song is fire!” Ranging from indy alternative, to rock, to swedish techno, you never know what you’re gonna get on any given show. Between songs Patrice interjects anecdotes about his wild family and their exploits; fascinating rants that you’ll want to hear just as much as the music.

Patrice, who’s real name is Patrick Bennett is a new transfer student here at Fredonia. Hearing about the Radio Station from a friend of a friend, he was very excited to have the opportunity to have his own show. He has a lot of fun doing his show, and even hopes to start playing his own music on the air. If you want to hear more, be sure to check out Patrice Dolla’s Fire Hour every Wednesday from 12 pm to 1 pm on WCVF 88.9.

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