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Assistant Music Director: Leah Wacienga

Wacienga is a Communication: Audio/Radio and Music Industry double major here at the State University of New York at Fredonia. As the assistant music director, Wacienga’s job is to make sure that all content is audience-friendly.

“I pretty much just get a stack of CD’s every week, and we’re responsible for listening to them, going through each song, looking out for swear words and trying to have a non-biased opinion on the music, because those are the pieces we take and put into the system,” said Wacienga.

Wacienga also co-hosts a show with FRS PR Director Rebecca D’Hilly called “The East Indies,” on Thursdays at 8 p.m., where they play alternative music and give background information and fun facts on the bands that they play.

Her favorite parts about working for the FRS radio station are her radio show, the people and the atmosphere. “Everybody loves everybody,” Wacienga smiled.

A fun fact about Wacienga? “I bartend at Sunny’s and Old Main, and that’s mostly how people know me. I’ve been to France and Germany and I have family in Sweden and Switzerland, who I will hopefully be visiting soon!”

When Wacienga isn’t working at the radio station, she is involved with the Riveters and is also a member of the wilderness club.

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