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Show Spotlight: Rock Metamorphosis

Are you ready to rock? Then tune into Rock Metamorphosis! The show includes a variety of sub-genres of rock [i.e. prog rock, classic rock, and hard rock]. Fuchs said, “The show is based around how rock music has evolved to what it is today.”

Why tune in? Fuchs explained, “I’ve always been inspired by local radio stations, and here I can share a variety of songs that people may not hear on radio stations today.”

Fuchs said, “My favorite part of having a radio show is the experience. I have always listened to local station in Buffalo, and was really inspired! I love the power music has, and I like that all my problems melt away when listening to music.”

Fuchs plans on having a 90′s themed show in the future, as well as a zoo-themed show.

Tune in Saturdays, 7-9 p.m. on WCVF 88.9 and WDVL 89.5 to rock out!

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