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Show Spotlight: Maddy’s Variety Hour

Ever wonder what your mood would sound like? Well, Maddy’s Variety Hour has just that.

Every Monday, Maddy makes a playlist that is created from her mood of the day. So, some days it may be sad, happy, energetic, funky, who even knows! Every single week you can count on something different, except you can always count on either a Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato hit in there.

To make it even more fun and carefree, Maddy sometimes invites special guests to the show and has them play a quirky, fun game. Maddy said “my show is relatable and I feel like I’m able to have a conversation with people on it, I almost feel like everybody listening is my best friend!”

Oh, Maddy, we are your best friends! To even further the friendship we asked her what she would want the sky color to be if it wasn’t blue and she confidentially said tangerine.

You can listen to Maddy’s Variety Hour every Monday from 6-7 pm on WCVF 88.9 FM.

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