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Show Spotlight: The Hot Mess Express

Do you ever feel like your life is constantly falling apart, but no one seems to understand? Listen to “The Hot Mess Express” for someone who can totally relate!

Join Marilia on Mondays at 2:00 for a show filled with fun music and some of her finest hot mess stories. Marilia states, “I like to play music I like, and I talk about the funny, yet slightly unfortunate events in my life.” The show is meant for some fun music and for everyone to be able to embrace what they consider to be their “hot mess moments.” Everyone knows that Mondays are the worst, so Marilia explains, “I play a little bit of everything and it all depends on the day. I try to play music that helps people get through their Mondays!"

So, hop aboard the Hot Mess Express and travel to WCVF with Marilia as your lovely conductor!

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