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Operations Spotlight: Kortney Young

Kortney is a Communication: Public Relations major with a dance minor here at Fredonia. As a news assistant for FRS, she writes and records campus news and various events such as upcoming speakers and or events to be hosted! Once the recordings are saved, they are uploaded to the system and aired onto WCVF.

Kortney got involved with FRS through Activities Night, like most of us. Not knowing what she wanted to do, she joined anyways and does not regret it! She says her favorite part about her position is “feeling very cool and official while recording.” I think we can all agree with Kortney that recording anything is pretty awesome!

Her favorite thing about being part of Fredonia Radio Systems is the people, “it’s like one big weird family where everyone is always friendly and helpful (A good ‘weird’ haha).” We agree with you Kortney, and we’re glad to have you with us!

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