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Operations Spotlight

Assistant Engineer: Megan Lewandowski

Meg is a junior BFA Sculpture major here at Fredonia. As Assistant Engineer, Meg regularly checks up on equipment at the station, making sure everything is running smoothly. A special project she has been working on this semester is on the headphones that always seem to end up in miscellaneous places. Through the use of her rad welding skills, she has been able to brand all of the headphones with their specific locations around the station, and we have not misplaced one pair since!

Meg’s favorite part of the job is working hands-on with the equipment and being able to fix problems when things go wrong. When asked about her favorite part of FRS, she replied with, “I have so many favorite parts. But if I have to name one, it would be all of the other members.” (AWH, you’re our favorite too, Meg!)

A fun fact that Meg wanted to share with us was that she’s CPR certified, and also professional framing certified. (I was confused too, folks) Meg explained, “I’m framing certified for Michael’s [a craft store] of course!” Well, of course!

Meg laughed when asked about what she does in her spare time. She’s a very busy lady! But whenever she’s not solving a technical crisis in the station, or sculpting a masterpiece, Meg can be found jamming with her band. She’s the bass player in Fredonia’s very own Something Happened!

When it comes down to it, Meg will always be there to save the day… and a life if need be! (I mean she is CPR certified)

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