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Show Spotlight: The East Indies

After a week of chilly snow days and a Thanksgiving break, the Show Spotlight of the week is back!

So how did The East Indies get its name? D'Hilly said “Rachel Grant had the show name The West Indies, so we joked one day that it would be funny to have The West and East Indies as shows. Plus we play the same music as The West Indies so it worked out really well!”

The East Indies plays alternative, independent music. Wacienga said “We play really out of the box kind of music.” “Yeah, we like to explore and play unknown music.” D'Hilly added.

D'Hilly and Wacienga say “Listen in because we’re quirky! We also have really cool, weird facts that we say during the show. We talk about the songs we’re playing too!”

Tune in Thursdays 8 p.m. on WCVF 88.9

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