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Show Spotlight: Em and M’s Country Hour

Looking for your weekly country fix? This is the show for you! With hosts Meghan Devine and Emily Fulkerson they play top country hits from both well-known and newer country artists, and talk about everything from Fredonia campus life to country news! The show has been running strong for four semesters now and the chemistry the two hosts share is super fun and energetic. Meghan says “I like to think we’re both pretty upbeat and interesting to listen to! I think I’m more of the director for where the discussion goes, and Em’s the one who comes up with the funny bits and poses really good questions for us to go off on next.” If you’re not a country fan, let this be the show to change your mind!

Show runs Monday’s from 12pm-1pm on WDVL!

The picture of these two was taken during this year’s 48-hour Radio-thon!

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