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An anonymous, late-night talk show


Lovercall is WDVL's exclusive late-night, anonymous, dating advice show. The show discusses date ideas, recent updates in love, and various topics pertaining to love, relationships, and more! Tune in Wednesdays at 10pm on WDVL 89.5 to listen! 


Lovercall's production crew currently consists of two producers with the codenames "The Architect" and "The Electrician," who also hosts. The show features weekly guests who come on the show to tell their stories and share advice.


Lovercall also works in conjunction with SUNY Fredonia's student-run newspaper, The Leader. For each issue of The Leader, the producers of Lovercall write an advice column themed around the most recent episode. The column also features student questions and stories. 

Reach Out!

Scan this QR code to ask the hosts of Lovercall a question! Your question will be answered live on air and maybe even in Lovercolumn! You will be kept completely anonymous.

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