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A showcase of talent across Western NY

The Local

The Local Lo-Down is Fredonia Radio System's showcase of both local Fredonian and Western New York musical talent. 


Started in 2012, The Local Lo-Down was created to showcase local musical talent around Fredonia as well as highlight touring artists that came through the area. The Local Lo-Down is produced out of Production Booth A & Graham Command at Fredonia Radio Systems and has historically been one of FRS' only shows to feature a visual element.


After a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Local Lo-Down has gone under a complete rebrand. New logos, socials, and production techniques have been put in place for the relaunch of this legacy show. In addition, a wider variety of artists will be showcased and the show will explore the bounds of the Western New York music scene. The Rebrand of the Local Lo-Down was led by Mel, our former Executive Producer, Jordan, our former A&R Lead and Alex, our former Technical Director 



 Our production team is working hard to carry on our former team's work. Currently we have Jordan, our Executive Producer. Leading our promotions is Erin, our Promotion Lead.  Heading recording and editing activities is Cebastian, our Technical Director. Finally, we have Elena, our Mini Interview Lead, scouting bands at local shows and getting interviews at the venue. 


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