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A showcase of talent across Western NY

The Local

The Local Lo-Down is Fredonia Radio System's showcase of both local Fredonian and Western New York musical talent. 


Started in 2012, The Local Lo-Down was created to showcase local musical talent around Fredonia as well as highlight touring artists that came through the area. The Local Lo-Down is produced out of Production Booth A & Graham Command at Fredonia Radio Systems and has historically been one of FRS' only shows to feature a visual element.


After a hiatus during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Local Lo-Down has gone under a complete rebrand. New logos, socials, and production techniques have been put in place for the relaunch of this legacy show. In addition, a wider variety of artists will be showcased and the show will explore the bounds of the Western New York music scene.



With the rebrand comes a new producing team for The Local Lo-Down. Leading the direction of the rebrand is Mel, our Executive Producer. Searching out new artists to showcase on our airwaves is Jordan, our A&R Lead. Finally, heading recording and editing activities is Alex, our Technical Director.


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