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Fredonia's Longest Running Variety Program

High Noon Friday

High Noon Friday is Fredonia Radio System's single longest-running variety program. HNF features news, sports, weather, community-made segments, interviews and trivia.


Started in 1983, High Noon Friday was created to satisfy the need for public service programming on FRS airwaves. It also ended up becoming FRS' first "all-station program", creating the opportunity for every member of every department to contribute. Simulcasted on both WCVF FM & WCVF AM (which would later become WDVL), it was an "all hands on deck" event every Friday.

HNF Poster Recreation Square.png


High Noon Friday is broadcast out of Production Booth A & Graham Command live every Friday. The show gets passed down from class to class as members graduate. As such, the show has seen many phases in its 30+ year life with different segments, personalities, and production styles. High Noon Friday's current producers are Chloe Kowalyk, Hunter Halterman, and Izzie Inzinna.


Episodes of High Noon Friday can be found on our Youtube channel linked below. We publish new episodes of High Noon Friday throughout the semester and publish archived episodes of High Noon Friday from years past, courtesy of the Archival Project

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