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Show Spotlight: You Should Know

When she’s not going to another pop punk concert or local show, you can always find Lexi Reyngoudt, an Audio/Radio sophomore, on WDVL every Monday at six for her radio show “You Should Know”. Lexi explains “It’s bands or artists that I think you should know”, says Reyngoudt. Every week, Lexi showcases an artist or band, or sometimes on occasion, she will showcase one album. From State Champs, The 1975, to Panic! At The Disco and Neck Deep, Lexi covers the pop punk and alternative spectrum for her listeners. “Whenever I do go to concerts, I always try to talk with the bands or artists, so that I have their statements to make my show more personal.” says Reyngoudt, “I especially like to talk with local bands or artists because I think their music is worth showcasing too.” In the future, Lexi plans to use her show to promote more local music.

You can rock out with Lexi every Monday at 6:00 pm on WDVL 89.5 The Inferno, and you can follow her on Twitter, @UShouldKnowWDVL.

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