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Show Spotlight: Matt & Kim

This week’s show spotlight is centered around the alternative/ indie rock tunes that Kim and Matt love to play. The Matt and Kim show, with Kim and Matt focuses on events that are occurring in the world that week [i.e. A Mother’s Day show during the week of Mother’s Day] and music that people love!

Bright said, “You should definitely tune into our show because we’re hilarious, and we banter a lot!”, with Pantano agreeing. So what’s the best part of having a radio show for them? Bright said, “I’m really involved in the station, so it’s cool to see this side of radio as well.” Pantano added, “I like the indirect connection I have with the people on campus while doing the radio show!”

The two said they get a lot of material to discuss from the infamous “Buzzfeed” and like to plan shows based around events that are occurring as well.

Tune in Thursday’s at 6 p.m. to hear Matt and Kim on WCVF 88.9!

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