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High Noon Friday Spotlight

Things are heating up this week on High Noon Friday! Some Like it Hot are coming to talk about the eighth annual invitational, ACAFEST. It’s on Saturday, March 28th at 7:00pm in the MPR of the Williams Center. On and off-campus a cappella groups will be performing, so make sure to attend and have some fun! Tickets are available in the Fredonia Ticket Office: $2 for students and $5 for non-students. Also, tune in to hear a short performance from Some Like it Hot!

Also making an appearance on High Noon are Stephanie Thompson and Niki Desens! They will be talking about Fredonia’s Out of Darkness Walk. This is a walk that raises awareness about depression and suicide. This event raises money for suicide survivors and will be held on Saturday, March 28th. Tune in for more information!

Get excited people!

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